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San Tan Aviation LLC is an FAA approved repair station dedicated to the repair and overhaul of aircraft components. The staff at San Tan Aviation have combined experience in the commercial airlines environment as well as shop management with regard to repair of Avionics and Electrical components.


We are customer driven, dedicated to quality, and understand the needs and imperatives of commercial airlines. We have several options available for you that we feel are aligned to help you meet your imperatives by providing a service to you at the lowest cost and highest value. 


Operators are no longer at the mercy of a large corporation who will serve your needs when it is convenient for them, rather San Tan Aviation is a small business operating at a lower cost, which can and will support your needs by assisting you in reducing your present cost, turn times and spares requirements.

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San Tan Aviation llc

224 E Chilton Dr Ste.3
Chandler,AZ 85225

Phone: 480-635-1088

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